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@RaefMusic – More Than Me And You 💕 Official Lyric Video

Official lyric video for “More Than Me And You” from Raef’s album “Mercy”.
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Written by Raef
Producer: Nick Baumhardt

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“More Than Me And You” Lyrics:

I’m scared to death but I’m happy
I don’t know what to do
You came to me and said,
“Babe, guess what?!
I think our dream’s finally coming true!”
A tiny gift from heaven
I can’t believe it’s real
A test for us to relish
this new love that we feel

And now our hearts are sealed together
And now our lives will change forever
I thank God for that tiny beating heart,
A love so true
I guess it’s gonna be more than me and you

I’ll take good care of your taste buds
And learn to count in weeks
While you keep you her warm from this worldly storm,
I’ll sing you both to a cozy sleep
A soul we’ll share between us
with His guidance from up above
There’s an angel growing,
And it’s got you glowing,
With noor from all His love

I’m counting my blessings from the moment that I met you
And patiently waiting for our dream to come true
It’s already written, so I prayed for you and me
And whatever happens : It’s Allah’s mercy

Awakening Music is a subsidiary of the UK-based Deventi Group that has operational offices in both the USA and Egypt. Awakening Music currently represents: Raef (USA), Mesut kurtis (Macedonia), Maher Zain (Sweden), Humood AlKhudher (Kuwait) and Ali Magrebi (Libya). (Previously Sami Yusuf, Hamza Robertson, Harris J, & Hamza Namira among others).

©️ 2023 Awakening Music, A Deventi Group Company


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