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Ali Magrebi – Ya Muhammad علي مغربي – يا محمد ﷺ | Official Music Video | Ramadan 2021

Ali Magrebi’s song “Ya Muhammad ﷺ” produced by Awakening Music. Directed by Alişan Günay Yıldırım
أغنية علي مغربي “يا محمد ﷺ”، إنتاج أويكنينج ميوزك

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Directed by: Alişan Günay Yıldırım
Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
Lyrics: Islam Hagras
Melody: Ali Magrebi & Mustafa Demirci
Arrangement: Göksel Kamçı
Special Thanks: Alişan Günay Yıldırım, Recep Sert, Cournal

Lyrics & Translation:

مرّ طيفٌ بالمنامْ .. كانَ طيفَ مُحمدْ

A shadow passed through my dream, it was Muhammad’s shadow

ضِعْتَ مِنِّي يا كلامْ .. إِذ رأيتُ محمد

I was at a loss for words when I saw Muhammad

لم أقُلْ حتى: “سلامْ” .. ولِساني تَجَمَّدْ

I couldn’t even say “Salam” and I was tongue-tied

بل بكيتُ وانحنيتُ .. نحوَ نورِ محمد

I just cried and leaned, towards Muhammad’s light

يا محمد عليك الصلاةُ والسلام

O Muhammad upon you I send peace and blessings

حاضرٌ في خاطري دائمًا يا محمد

You are present in my thoughts at all times, O Muhammad

في صباحٍ ماطرِ رِيُّ قلبي محمد

On a rainy morning Muhammad quenches my heart’s thirst

في مساءٍ عاطرِ مددٌ ليس يَنفد

On a fragrant evening your help and kindness are never-ending

إن أُبلِّغْ عن فؤادي فحديثي محمد

Were I to convey my heart’s desire, all my words would be about Muhammad

يا محمد عليك الصلاةُ والسلام

O Muhammad upon you I send peace and blessings

لكَ عمري قد نذرتُ .. يا حبيبي يا محمد

I vow to dedicate my life to you, my beloved Muhammad

سأُلبِّي ما أمرتُ .. ولأضِعْ أو أُشَرَّدْ

I will follow your guidance no matter what happens

فإذا ما مِتُّ طِرْتُ .. يا فؤادي تَجَلَّدْ

And when I die, I will fly to you، O my soul, be strong!

سوف نَمضي سوف نَعْلُو .. سوف نلقى محمد

We will journey together, we will ascend, we will meet Muhammad

يا محمد عليك الصلاةُ والسلام

O Muhammad upon you I send peace and blessings

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Awakening Music is a subsidiary of the UK-based Deventi Group that has operational offices in both the United States of America (USA) and Egypt. Awakening Music currently represents: Ali Magrebi (Libya), Maher Zain (Sweden), Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia), Humood (Kuwait), and Raef (USA). (Previously Sami Yusuf, Harris J, & Hamza Namira among others).

©️ Awakening Music 2021, A Deventi Group Company

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